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Every Person is unique, and we are all on our own SPECIAL Journey. A One-size-fits-all approaches will never help you reach your full potential. Whether it's for Personal Development or just gaining some Direction we can tailor a program to show you Great Results and sustained Growth.

Aussie Mentor

Hi My name's Shane Wescott and I'm the Aussie Mentor. I've been a Certified Trainer for the past 25 years and a Student of Personal Development for over 20 years. What does that mean for you ? Guidance and Mentoring based on years of research and learning. But keep in mind, Aussies tend to be Direct - we love a laugh, we love to have Fun, but we don't "Beat around the Bush". Feedback will be Direct and Honest :-) If you want to make changes, get ahead in life, or just see what the possibilities for you are - all with a no BS style - contact me and we can have a chat.